Working grant from
Héléne och Walter Grönqvists Stiftelse

Private exhibition
Gallery Aarni,
Espoo, Finland


Art Helsinki 2016, contemporary art fair
Curator Aura Seikkula
00130Gallery Booth


Swab Contemporary art fair, Barcelona, Spain
00130Gallery Booth


Art Copenhagen 2013
Contemporary art fair
Copenhagen, Denmark
00130Gallery booth

Private exhibition at
Gallery Pictor
Nummela, Finland


Girls do it Better
book release,

Published by
00130Gallery Helsinki

Joint exhibition with
Juan Kasari
00130GalleryProject Room, Helsinki, Finland


Private Exhibition at
Gallery Jangva
Helsinki Finland

Supermarket Art Fair
Stockholm, Sweden
00130Gallery Booth


Private exhibition
Gallery Bronda
Helsinki, Finland

Salmelan näyttelyluokka

Group exhibition
Salmela, Finland


Jonna Johansson is a visual artist based in Helsinki. She has studied at the University of Brighton, England (BA) and Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, MFA (Painting department).

Johansson works mostly with paintings and her works have been exhibited at several exhibitions in Finland as well as other places in the world.

Jonna Johansson deals with humanity on a large scale in her works. She takes a stand on global phenomena by means of her paintings and installations. The final work is a versatile discussion of content and visual splendour.

Her works can be interpreted from different points of view. Johansson paints the everyday realism, even its reverse side, either as it is or covered in a pastel dream.

She uses oil, acrylic and alkyd paints, and her clear forms and bold colours relate to fantasies. Johansson's works are aesthetically wonderfull, and her works capture the viewer easily due to the powerful use of colour and brush.

Susanna Mäkinen/
00130Gallery Helsinki